Do the rear cameras detect motion in parking mode or is it just the front camera?

Both front and rear cameras detect impact or motion in parking mode on the FineVU GX400 dashcam, FineVU GX1000 Dashcam and the FineVU GX4K Dashcam.

They automatically record for 20 seconds when they detect motion or collision. (10 seconds before / 10 seconds after)

Can I watch Live View from inside my house?


You need to physically press the Wi-Fi button on the Dash Cam in the vehicle in order to connect.

If you are sat in your house, the chances are the vehicle’s ignition is switched off, therefore forcing the Dash Cam into parking mode.

Think of the Live View feature in the app as a view point to be able to check what the front and rear dash cams are viewing and recording.

Does the FineVU Dashcams cause Digital Radio (DAB) interference?

We have had zero reportings of DAB interference whilst using any of the FineVU range of Dash Cameras.

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